In Memory

If you'd like to leave a memorial message or view previous messages for our deceased classmates please click on the appropriate name in the list below.

By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Scott Bollinger (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Erwin Craeninckx (Deceased 2014)  
Helen Hardwick (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Lisa Heizek (Deceased Year Unknown)
Rob Lenoir (Deceased 2001)  
Polly Long (Denton) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Bill Love (Deceased 2003)  
John Mobley (Deceased Year Unknown)
Frances Oglesby (Williamson) (Deceased 2013)  
Laura Pentecost (Safran) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jay Shlesinger (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Peggy Turner (Deceased Year Unknown)  

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