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01/13/10 05:20 PM #1    

Robert McDonough (McDonough)

Welcome to the Westminster High School Class Of 1980 Message Board.  Please press "Post Response" to add a message that all of our classmates can see and to which they can respond.  Anyone posting a message can edit (or delete) it later.  Messages can contain links to external websites and YouTube videos as well as pictures, images and other content.

04/28/10 10:48 AM #2    

Robert McDonough (McDonough)

Here's a link to a YouTube video that Kitty Swain put together for our 10th year reunion - a lot of great pictures from our Westminster days set to some tasty tunes...



04/28/10 09:08 PM #3    

Patrick Hickey

Kitty's video is amazing.  Thanks to her for all these memories, set to evocative music that recalls all the best of those years!  That's the best recollection of all.  Thanks for doing that for all of us.  PTH 

04/29/10 10:13 AM #4    

Stephen Sayle

Thanks to Rena, Rob, Cydnee, Pam and everyone else that had a hand in putting this on.  It was well done and I had a blast!  To those of you I didn't get to talk to (e.g. Schoen) email me I'd love to catch up!

Thanks again everybody.  if you come to DC give me a shout!  Sayle


04/29/10 09:36 PM #5    

Robert McDonough (McDonough)


Here's Part One of a video that Ashley Campbell put together for our 20th year reunion at Ray Riddle's house (Part Two is immediately after this message):


04/29/10 09:46 PM #6    

Robert McDonough (McDonough)

Here's Part Two of Ashley's video from our 20th year reunion at Ray Riddle's house (see Part One above):

05/24/10 01:47 PM #7    

Robert McDonough (McDonough)

Alan Bomar, who has multiple myeloma,  has established a weblink at to help his friends stay informed about his treatment and progress.  Drop by when you get a chance and leave a message on his guestbook.

05/24/10 05:22 PM #8    

Gregory Smith

Ashley and Kitty,


The videos are priceless. Thanks so much. Loved watching them.

Great Reunion and God Bless everyone

07/23/10 09:55 AM #9    


Henry Grady

My rising Senior daughter, Sarah, is participatingin a great program this summer through Westminster.  She is in Guatemala building three homes for families that have an identified need.

The group is called, "Houses to Homes".  Follow thier blog --

The community focus of the school has increased significantly in the last 20+ years.

Hope all are having a good summer.


07/26/10 09:45 PM #10    


Tad Davis


The videos are outstanding.  I am sorry to have missed the 20th and 30th reunion but am glad to have gotten to see the 20th reunion video.  Great people, great memories and a reminder of what a special time we had as the Class of 1980.  I hope everyone is doing well and wish you all the best.  If you're ever in Richmond, VA give me a call.   The door is always open and we can always use a babysitter.

Take care,


05/20/13 10:25 AM #11    

Ashley Campbell

Hi friends!  I hope everyone is safe and well.

I'm hoping to find a copy of a tv show that our second grade classes took part in.  We did a production of Carl Sandburg's "The Wedding Procession of the Ragdoll and the Broomhandle...." that was aired on one of the local tv stations.  After the production some of us were interviewed, etc.  And we all watched the airing during school one day.

Does anyone out there have a copy of that or remember what tv station aired it (so that I might track it down that way?)

Thanks if you can help!


05/02/15 04:58 PM #12    

Robert McDonough (McDonough)

Message from Dot MacFarlane:

I cannot let time pass without a great big thank you for all your time and effort in making the 35th reunion of the Class of 1980 such a smashing success!  It was absolutely wonderful - such a treat to see so many of your class who all meant so much to me.  "Friendship is a golden jewel in life's journey."  David and Annesley were so disappointed not to be able to attend, but I did try to share as much of the news as possible.

Loved seeing you all!!  

All the best and God's blessings always.

Dot MacFarlane


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